A New York man has pleaded guilty and immediately been sentenced to prison for kidnapping a Farmington man on Aug. 31 when the victim attempted to investigate noises in his driveway.

Adrian J. Beggsmith, 31, pleaded guilty to kidnapping, a second-degree felony, and one of two third-degree felony burglary charges filed against him.In return, a firearm enhancement on the kidnapping charge, which carries an additional five-year consecutive prison term, was dropped by the Davis County attorney's office.

Beggsmith was apparently attempting to burglarize the Farmington man's vehicle when he was interrupted. He pulled a handgun on the victim and ordered him to drive to a Salt Lake motel, where Beggsmith was staying.

Beggsmith let the victim go after being driven to Salt Lake City. The victim called police, who later tracked Beggsmith down in the Davis County Jail in Farmington, where he had been booked on burglary and theft charges, according to police.

Beggsmith's first arraignment in 2nd District Court Sept. 18 was continued after he began shivering and suffering from a nosebleed in court. Jail officials said is suffering from a variety of health problems. His arraignment this week was held in the jail.

Judge Rodney S. Page sentenced Beggsmith to concurrent one-to-15-year and zero-to-five-year prison terms on the kidnapping and burglary charges.