About 300 travel agents from 37 states traveled to Salt Lake City late last this week to learn about Utah's ski industry.

Delta Airlines gave the agents $100,000 worth of air travel to bring them to the airline's third largest hub. The "Ski the West Fest" included a tour of Salt Lake City and several ski resorts within minutes of the city.The agents also saw the latest in ski fashion equipment, attended a trade show and visited various tourist sites along the Wasatch front, including Park City, Snowbird, Trolley Square, Symphony Hall and Temple Square.

Delta's district marketing manager Fred Rollins said the tour was intended to encourage travelers who may have taken ski vacations elsewhere to come to Utah.

"It's just a great way to expose our area to these folks who are in a position to book and sell clients of theirs into Utah for not only summer but for winter travel," he said. "Skiing is a tremendous industry here. It's a tremendous opportunity for Salt Lake to garner some of this business that might be going to other areas of the country."

Rick Davis, president of the Salt Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau, says Delta has made a major commitment to promote Utah skiing.

"The impact will be millions of tourist dollars for Salt Lake and our ski resorts," he said. "We have seen definite bookings result from previous tours and know this event has the greatest potential of all."