Well, we're finally going to find out Who killed Laura Palmer? ABC has promised - promised - that we'll learn the truth during the season premiere Sunday at 8 p.m. on Ch. 4.

Mr. Spud still isn't any too sure who did it. Most of your aren't either, judging from the lack of response to his offer to send in your personal theories.But Craig E. Moore of Orem thinks he knows who did it. And Mr. Spud loves his theory:

"After reviewing the season finale, I have concluded the following about or friends at Twin Peaks:

1. The person who beat up Dr. Jocoby is the same one who shot Agent Cooper. Both wore long grey (charcoal?) trench coats and leather gloves.

2. Guess what Leland palmer was wearing when he snuffed Jacques?"

(Note: Mr Spud went back and checked the tape, too. It's hard to tell if that is exactly the same overcoat - the lighting is so weird in so many scenes - but Craig could well be right.)

"Leland, therefore, is (at the very least) the person who beat Dr. jacoby up in the park. if you watch the penultimate episode, Leland is watching Maddie as she leaves to rendezvous with James and Donna. he obiviously followed her to the park, and assaulted Jacoby because (a) he blamed her for Laura's death or (b) he was afraid the doctor would reveal his own involvement in her death...Yes! I believe Leland killed Laura.

"The motive for the murder would probably be because he was (or had been at one time) sexually abusing his daughter. This would be logical if one considers her psychotic, suicidal behavior and facination with `dangerous liason.' After all, (for) what other reason would a homecoming queen get involved with drugs and older men?

"It is most likely that he abused her when she was younger. He was unaware of her relationship with Jacoby until after her death. he probably feared that Jacoby knew all what he had done and wanted to silence him.

"The other possibility is that he killed her our of anger when he found out about her `extra-curricular activities." This, however, seems less likely because the murder was grisly and seemed premediated, not done out of anger or passion.

"While I can conceive of Leo murdering Laura, it seems far too obvious. Leland gets my vote."

Moore goes on to say that Agent Cooper obviously isn't deat - he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. ( And he wrote his theory before that became common knowledge.)

"I also doublt Leo is dead. he didn't look dead. Anyway, it seems that he still has more to do before he dies. josie Packard is obviously a psycho and up to more than we know yet. Nadine will probably live; she obviously doesn't succeed at much. There is also a hidden story behind her relationship with Big Ed...He obviously doesn't love her, but he does care about her an awful lot."

Well, Mr. Spud can't vouch for Craig's theory, although he does like it a lot. And Craig does display a deep understanding of "Twin Peaks" when he writes:

"The worst thing about all of thsi is, logical as it seems, Daivd Lynch is hardly a person governed by logic. For all we know, Ronnette polaski killed Laura."


Even after that, mr. Spud still isn't willing to advance a theory. But Mrs. Spud discovered a few clues that may have some bearing on who the killer is:

In an early episode, Josie Packard tells Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman that Laura's words to here were, "Now I know how you really feel about you husband's death." That doesnt' mean much until a later episode - When we learn that Josie had her husband killed.

The very first person shown on the very first episode was Josie - and she had a very strange look on her face.

A couple of different times, we were shown the unfinished interior of Leo Johnson's house and there was quite a bit of plastic sheeting lying in one corner - the same type of plastic Laura's body was wrapped in.

During the famous "throw the rock at the bottle" test, the rock hit the log the bottle was resting on for Josie's name, knocked the bottle off for Dr. Jacoby's name and broke the bottle for Leo's name.

Then autopsy found industrial soap on Laura's body - ant the ony industry in town is Josie's sawmill.

This Bobby guy we don't know much about was in Cooper's dream and in Laura's diary - he may even be the killer.

Here's betting that Leo, Josie and Bob all ahd something to do with it. We'll just have to wait and see.