While millions of television viewers are asking "Who killed Laura Palmer?" not everyone is in the dark. Among those few who know the answer are members of the "Twin Peaks" cast - but they've been sworn to secrecy.

"Yes, I know who did it," said Piper Laurie, Twin Peaks' nasty Catherine martell. "But I'm certainly not going to say anything about it."There were even rumors that cast members had clauses in their contracts that stated they'd be dumped from the show for revealing any secrets.

"No, it's not in our contract." said Dana Ashbrook, better known as Laura's boyfriend Bobby Briggs. "They haven't told us we'd get fired for anything if we talked. But we're supposed to keep things secret - we're not supposed to say anything to give anything away."

Not that it's any easy task. There's been a lot of media attention directed as the series and lost of question about who the murderer is.

"Because I really can't say anything about what's going to happen to my character, it's often very awkward for me and for the interviewer," Laurie said. "It requires a lot of discretion on everyone's part."

"We all have to be really cautious about what we say," said Ashbrook. "I'm always afraid I'm going to slip up."

"I just try to act like Lucy when people ask me," said Kimmy Robertson, who plays the squeaky-voiced secretary. "Even if I told you the right answer, you probably wouldn't believe me."

The victim herself, Sheryl Lee (who plays both the murdered homecoming queen and her look-alike cousin, Madeline Ferguson), is getting pretty good at giving interviews without giving anything away.

"It's almost like a game," she said. "I try to say as much as I can and be as vague about some things as possible.

"I've heard all kinds of different theories. I've even heard people say that Laura committed suicide - like she could wrap herself up in plastic after she was dead.

"I just say things like, "Well, that's a possibiltiy' or `That's interesting.' But sometimes it's really hard to talk to people without giving something away. I'm always hesitating so I can be sure of what I say."

Requiring actors to play the part of skille public relations specialist - giving out information but not too much information - is sometimes a lot to ask.

"It's really frustrating because I want to tell you everything I know," said James Hurly on the show. "It's just killing me that I can't tell you.

"There's a lot to hold back."