Vital Statistics

Age: 62

Where born: Ogden

Family: Wife Joyce and sons Brent and Tim

Education: Bachelor of Science in banking and finance, University of Utah.

Primary products: Insurance, supplies, broker telephone system, credit card collections, lobbying and legal matters.

Primary markets: All Utah Communities with Auto dealerships.

Number of employees: 165 auto dealers and their 6,500 employees.

Annual sales: $495 million.

Personality Profile

First real job: Washing and polishing cars and a parts chaser at age 11.

Management style: Management by walking around.

Strategy for success: The mood and manner of the man at the top sets the pattern. Put yourself in the customer's shoes and treat them as you want to be treated.

A memorable failure: I make a point not to replay mistakes but to affirm what results I want.

Heroes: Spencer Kimball, Paul Harvey and Elias Strong.

Leisure time and hobbies: Golf, fishing, skiing and collecting old Buicks.

Favorite book and movie: Results Book and Holy Scriptures