With Tuesday's election signaling an end to the 3rd District congressional primary race, life around the Deseret news Utah County Bureau will return to the mundane.

No more juicy quotes from anonymous sources. No more clandestine meetings with the moles ready to "tell all." No more countless hours trying to confirm rumors of failed or questionable financial and business dealings.I can't help but wonder what final tidbit the media will hear about John harmer or Karl Snow during the 24 hours preceding the primary. By now, I thing we've heard it all, but you never know. Stay tuned.

At any rate, it's been fun while it lasted. No doubt the race will heat up again once Democrat Bill Orton knows who his opponent is, but the race's tenor can only improve after Tuesday.

One of the most interesting aspects of the campaign has been the complaints by Snow and Harmer that coverage of mudslinging has clouded their respective stances on the issues. As a results, the media have been given a bad rap.

The irony of the complaints is that much, if not most of the mudslinging came directly from the candidates' own camps. EAch been busy blaming the other for initiating and maintaining the mud fest; in a way they're both correct.

My first inclination that the race between Harmer and Snow would get ugly came shortly after the state GOP convention in June. One of Snow's campaign workers took me aside and unabashedly asked my aid in derailing Harmer's congressional bid.

"Help us get Harmer," he said.

A Harmer campaign worker's subsequent effort to dredge up and make public the court recored of a Snow volunteer was equally despicable.

But he, it's all part of the dung that usually dots the campaign trail. Our political process, such as it is, will survive, and before long we'll have forgotten the sordid details of this year's 3rd District congressional race in preparation for the next one.

contrary to what ardent supporters may tell you, sending John Harmer to Congress would not usher in the Millennium. Nor would Karl Snow, if elected, destroy the district because his brand conservatism may be a little left of some people's liking.

I suspect that each candidate is somewhat more honorable that his detrators would have us believe, and that Republicans who have done their homework will feel OK about the choice they have.

See you at the polls.