American Telephone & Telegraph Co. said Wednesday it will introduce its USADirect Service from Saudi Arabia beginning Oct. 3 to allow U.S. servicemen and women based in the Persian Gulf to call home.

"The service will allow Americans stationed in Saudi Arabia to reach an AT&T operator in the United States by dialing 1-800-100 from most telephones," AT&T said.With USADirect, the operator will be able to connect a call from virtually any U.S. military bases in Saudi Arabia with any location in the United States.

The telecommunications giant said it will allow Americans stationed in Saudi Arabia to make free three-minute calls to the United States for an unspecified introductory period.

"AT&T is acting out of concern for military personnel stationed in Saudi Arabia who have had a difficult time communicating with friends and family," said Frank Ianna, vice president for marketing, international services. "We want to give all those who are serving in Saudi Arabia a chance to call home."

With the addition of Saudi Arabia, USADirect Service is available in 82 countries.

USADirect, introduced five years ago, is mainly aimed at business travelers, journalists and military personnel who do not have access to convenient telephone communications while on assignments. Unlike calls placed from hotels, USADirect is available at no surcharge.