News stories on transportation typically tell what state and local government does to move people and goods along Utah's roads, rails and airways.

That's important information to know, considering elected officials tackle transportation with your taxes. But the Deseret News also wants to know how you - the people who use and help pay for the roads, airports and buses - deal with your everyday transportation needs.Whether you travel by car, bus, taxi, bicycle or jet airplane, we want to know what problems you have getting place to place. In fact, we want to hear your gripe, complaints, solutions, success stories, horror stories - just about anything - about traveling in, or to and from, the Beehive State.

To get that information, the Deseret News has a transportation hotline. Just call 237-2110 and tell us what you think.

If it's a bad road, dangerous intersection, lousy bus service or high airfares, tell us about it. We will find why and ask those in charge for answers.

But complaints aren't all we need to hear. If you know a quick shortcut to town, school or airport, or have a solution to traffic congestion, we'll listen to that too.