Some 85 participants from around Utah got a dose of "Newspaper Power" on Saturday during a teacher training session sponsored by the Deseret News' Newspaper In Education department.

Teachers in grades K-12 gathered at Murray High School for the event, which featured instructors from local school districts as well as several news professionals from the Deseret News.Event coordinator Sherry Madsen said she was impressed that so many teachers had "taken the time to come out on a Saturday - it's their own time - to try to add something to their classrooms. They pay for this out of their own pockets, to enrich what happens with their students, and I think that dedication is admirable."

Madsen said the $22 registration fee included not only the training sessions and lunch, but 120 copies of the Deseret News that the participants will be able to use in their classrooms at any time during the year.

"This program gives teachers an opportunity to use an inexpensive, readily available medium in their classroom as an aid to their regular texts," Madsen said. "That's what the sessions are all about - innovative ways for teachers to use the newspaper in teaching everything from spelling and grammar to math and, of course, current events."

In that regard, Madsen said, the applications for junior high and high school classes are endless. "Everyone is talking so much about Kuwait and Middle East crisis right now, but you can't read about that in a textbook. That's why the newspaper is so valuable. Teachers can pull events out of the current crisis and relate them to what was happening in the same region 50 years ago. We always call the newspaper the most current textbook around."

Madsen said several participants earned credit for their district lane change or to recertify. Others applied for one hour of graduate credit through Weber State College for attending the sessions and planning a follow-up project.

The Newspaper in Education program is an on-going project at the Deseret News. For information on resources and future training sessions, call 237-2140.