A man pulled the pin of a grenade and handed it to his ex-girlfriend, then watched as she ran away from nearby houses and held onto the safety lever until police arrived.

No one was injured when Lisa Wood fled from the steps of her home to an open area in her neighborhood - followed by her former boyfriend in his car - then knelt down and waited for police Friday afternoon, police said.Said Dave Durham, a neighbor who witnessed the incident:"I yelled to her, `Lisa! Don't let go! Hold it baby, hold it! Just sit down and wait till the police get here!' And she was squeezing it. That little girl had a death hold on that grenade."

A 30-year-old man was being held at the city jail. He is expected to be arraigned Monday on assault charges, Sgt. Beverly Palumbo said. Police did not identify him pending the formal filing of charges.

"She was afraid but she remained rational," Detective Tim Hurtt said Saturday. "Officers were able to put something in the place of the pin."

Police said they confiscated a second grenade Friday night at the suspect's home. A state police bomb squad was dissecting the grenades this weekend to determine whether they were live, Palumbo said.