Deseret News readers will get something more than up-to-date news, commentary and advertising when the paper plops on the porch next week.

Beginning Monday, Oct. 1, and running through Wednesday, Oct. 3, readers can ride the bus free by presenting an edition of the Deseret News.Monday riders travel free with a Sunday or Monday newspaper. Tuesday's travelers need either Monday or Tuesday editions. And on Wednesday either Tuesday's or Wednesday's paper is the ticket.

The promotion marks the second year Utah Transit Authority and the Deseret News have teamed up to recognize Customer Appreciation Week and Energy Awareness Month.

Last year's effort attracted 20,700 additional riders in October.

But the program does more than honor subscribers with free transportation, and give UTA a chance to convert more drivers to mass transit.

It can relieve congestion on the roads and pollution in the air, albeit for just a few days.

During an average day along Wasatch Front, UTA said, about 750,000 cars travel 20 million miles, burn 1.5 million gallons of gasoline and emit 233,000 pounds of pollution.

"If one out of every two Utahns gets out of their car and into mass transit, Utah will conserve half the gasoline cars usually burn, clear the air of half the pollution from cars and cut traffic congestion in half," said UTA general manager John Pingree.