Thrill-seeking "bungee jumpers" are expected to gather at the Cache County Fairgrounds this weekend now that a 70-foot high sports tower is back in business.

The tower's owner and designer, Stan Checketts, said Friday he was able to obtain the $1 million liability insurance required under his lease agreement with Logan City and Cache County.The multicolored tower was shut down for 10 days after county attorney Gary McKean told Checketts liability release forms participants were signing did not meet the terms of the contract.

Checketts said the policy he obtained from Landmark American Insurance Co. will cost him $3,287 through the end of November, when his lease expires.

"That's a lot of money, but it's worth it because I'm test-marketing the tower locally, hoping to market it in other states," he said.

The tower is used for "bungee jumping," in which participants are strapped to a thick elastic cord and then jump. The stretching cord slows the descent and then springs the jumper back into the air.

Checketts said when his lease expires, he hopes to erect the tower near the intersection of U.S. 89-91 and 10th West in Logan.

Building the tower there would require a variance from the planning commission, which prohibits buildings in the area from exceeding 35 feet in height.

Checketts is confident he will obtain the permit.

"That shouldn't be a problem, because some of the trees are taller than that," he said.