Gasoline and heating oil will be rationed in Bulgaria beginning next month because of the Iraqi embargo and other fuel delivery cutbacks, according to a government decree cited Saturday.

Special coupons will be issued to ensure the gas rationing is observed, Bulgarian media reported, quoting from the order.Long lines formed at gas stations this summer as Soviet oil deliveries became erratic and the country lost crucial Iraqi imports following U.N. economic sanctions in the aftermath of Iraq's Aug. 2 invasion of Kuwait.

Drivers of private taxis in the capital of Sofia staged short "warning strikes" Saturday after learning each vehicle would be limited to 81/2 gallons of gasoline a month beginning Oct. 15.

Premier Andrei Lukanov, who traveled to Moscow last week, reported that the Soviets would be able to deliver about two-thirds of their previous oil shipments.

The Dominican Republic has also begun gas rationing because of a loss of Iraqi oil shipments.

Bulgaria has offered to send about 400 soldiers to join the multinational force in the Persian Gulf region, President Zhelyu Zhelev said during a visit to Washington this week.