A young black bear has found himself up a tree in a Boise subdivision that does not have wandering bruins as regular visitors.

The small bear wandered across the sage to Oscar and Betty Nelson's tree on the southeastern outskirts of Boise Friday."I had my lunch, took my nap and as I came to the gate, I noticed that walnuts kept falling from the tree and I thought it was squirrels," Oscar Nelson said.

"So I looked up and saw this bear, just sitting up there resting," he said.

Idaho Fish and Game trucks were in the neighborhood after calls arrived of a bear in a nearby canal. Fish and Game officers first shot a tranquilizer dart into him, but he dozed off and became lodged in the tree.

The Boise Fire Department was summoned and a ladder truck was used to reach the visitor. A second dart was employed when he started to awake as firefighters were moving him.

Bears have shown up regularly in the Boise Valley this summer because of dry conditions in the surrounding hills. The bear will be released in a remote location in the forest.