Brandy R. is a sociable child who loves to make friends and go places. She particularly likes to go swimming or bowling.

She was born in April 1978. Because of cerebral palsy, she relies on a wheelchair for mobility. She also needs more-than-average adult assistance and care.Brandy is one of hundreds of children listed with the Rocky Mountain Adoption Exchange, a non-profit agency that facilitates adoption of hard-to-place and special-needs children.

The agency operates in a six-state area, exchanging information and keeping a running list of the children. The exchange doesn't participate in adoption itself. Rather, it acts as a go-between for prospective parents and the agency that has custody. Children may be classed as hard to place because of a medical condition, because they're older, belong to a minority or because they need to be placed in sibling groups.

Her teachers, a social worker and her foster parents all agree that Brandy is a cooperative child who helps out as much as she can.

She attends a special school where she is learning basic skills. She does some reading, writing and math. Her speech is significantly delayed, but her foster mother says she has a lot of common sense, gets along well with others and has no particular behavior problem.

The adoption exchange hopes to find a two-parent family for Brandy, although a single-mother family would be considered. There is an adoption subsidy available.

To learn more about Brandy or other children who are waiting for homes, contact the Rocky Mountain Adoption Exchange, 610 E. South Temple, 359-7700.