The first person convicted under Idaho's male rape law has been sentenced to life in prison in 1st District Court.

Judge James Judd on Thursday sentenced Nathan Paul DeWolf Jr., 22, of Rathdrum to an indeterminate life sentence for male rape and a 15-year prison term for attempted first-degree murder."That was your friend; what would you do to someone who wasn't your friend?" Judd asked.

The sentence means DeWolf will have to serve 15 years before he can apply for parole.

In August, DeWolf was convicted of raping and trying to kill a 20-year-old Rathdrum man last year.

Kootenai County prosecutors said DeWolf and Brian D. Hayes, 24, of Rathdrum, drove around drinking beer with the man before ending up on a forest road north of Rathdrum on Dec. 17, 1989.

Prosecutors said the 20-year-old was repeatedly raped before DeWolf tried to slit his throat so he could not report the assault.

Hayes is serving a 12-year prison after his May conviction on the lesser charge of sodomy.

DeWolf has denied he raped the victim.