Salt Lake City is the regional training site for Project Taking Charge, a preteen adolescent pregnancy prevention program Nov. 2-3.

This is part of the national family life education curriculum, according to Janet Preston, home economic education specialist in the Utah State University College of Family Life.The program focuses on career exploration and taking charge of one's future. She says the primary objective is to encourage young people to practice abstinence as the preferred means of avoiding adolescent pregnancy and thereby enhancing life options.

Preston, one of the project instructors, says the project is designed to help teens and preteens understand the effects of adolescent sexual activity and early childbearing on education, vocational goals and the responsibilities of adulthood.

It also looks at how relationships with friends and family relate to these issues.

For more information, write Janet Preston or Janice Moyes at Utah State University, Logan, UT 84322-2910 or call 750-1561.