Benefits to Coeur d'Alene-area students of staying drug- and alcohol-free, and proving it, include discounts from local merchants.

About 50 students at Coeur d'Alene High School submitted to urine tests last week and volunteered to become the newest members of the Idaho Drug-Free Youth team. It is the second year the statewide program, coordinated by the Port of Hope, has been in the schools.The Port of Hope is a private substance-abuse-treatment organization.

Teens are rewarded with different types of discounts or privileges from area businesses for taking the drug-free pledge. Students' drug-free status is enforced by the team members themselves and by continual random drug testing throughout the year.

"The program's expanding more and more and becoming popular," said Joe McCarron, adolescent program director for the Port of Hope. "You see all kinds of kids wanting to do this. . . . I have seen some of my clients that are in recovery coming to take the test."