Stephen Studdert, an adviser to three U.S. presidents, was named Thursday as chairman of Republican 3rd Congressional District candidate Karl Snow's campaign.

Snow also announced that local businessman Chris Cannon will serve as his finance chairman.Snow defeated fellow Republican John Harmer in the Sept. 11 GOP primary and now faces Democrat Bill Orton. The 3rd District, which includes southwest Salt Lake County, Utah County and counties to the east and south, is heavily Republican. Some believe it is the most Republican district in the nation.

In a State Capitol press conference introducing Studdert, Snow said that he believes his personal reputation has not been harmed by the tough primary race, "although there were those who tried (to sully him personally) then and are still trying now."

Asked if there is any way Snow can lose the final election, he replied, "We've been told it is ours to lose, but if we proceed down the road we have planned we believe it will lead to victory."

Snow said he has agreed to 14 joint appearances with Orton, "more than enough for the people to learn about me, my values compared to my opponent." He said GOP Rep. Howard Nielson, whom Snow hopes to succeed in Congress, never had more than three debates with his Democratic opponents. "I'm meeting (Orton) in TV, radio and Rotary club debates, many places. I know the people of the district will see that I represent mainstream Republican thought in this state."

Studdert said the campaign "will take the high road, if there's mud slinging (by Orton or others), we won't respond.

"We'll talk about the issues and work hard to get independent and Democratic votes, because when Karl wins he'll represent all the people of the district, not just Republicans."

Studdert served in the administrations of Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. He moved back to Highland, Utah County, last year. His name is often mentioned as a possible federal or state candidate in 1992, but Studdert says he hasn't made any decisions about running yet.