Salt Lake police are looking for a man, believed to be bigamist, whose picture was shown during a television talk show Friday afternoon.

Lt. Judy Denker said there has been one unconfirmed report that Gerald A. Soderquist, 36, is in the area.On Friday "Donahue" featured five women who claim they were married to Soderquist. The women alleged he cleaned out their bank accounts and abandoned them after stealing large sums of money.

Police began looking for Soderquist after a Salt Lake woman called at 6 p.m. to report that a friend was dating the man being featured during the television show.

Two police officers were sent to 1019 W. Indiana Ave., where the caller claimed Soderquist lived with his girlfriend, Denker said.

Soderquist is described as 6 feet 3 inches, weighing about 160 pounds, with dark hair and dark eyes. The national talk show reported he has two outstanding warrants for his arrest in Denver. His trademarks are flowers and candy.

Five women guests on the show said they were married to him, while one claimed to have been engaged to him. One is offering a $1,000 reward for information on his whereabouts.

The woman caller, who didn't identify herself, told police she called her girlfriend while watching the show and told her to turn on the television, Denker said. The friend said she saw pictures of her boyfriend. "She said, `Jerry, you have to come take a look at Donahue.' When he saw the program, the woman asked him if he recognized any of the women on the show, and he said he did but that it was all a misunderstanding," Denker said.

"He said he was never married to any of them at the same time. The woman apparently went off the wall and told him to leave. He apparently packed his bags and left, leaving no information of where he was going," Denker said.

Denker said police checked Soderquist's name for warrants in the National Crime Information Center Computer. She said Soderquist has two misdemeanor warrants in Utah, which are believed to be traffic warrants.

Denker said police have tried to confirm with Denver Police Department if he is wanted but have been unsuccessful.