High scores by Weber State College business students on recent tests should help dispel the school's old image as "Harrison High," said Bruce Handley, chairman of the business administration department.

Handley said that in two tests given last spring, Weber students ranked second among 39 colleges and universities in one test and above the national average in the other.In a test on basic marketing, administered by the Education Testing Service of Princeton, N.J., Weber students had the second-highest mean and the second-highest median scores.

The competition included Loyola University, the University of Illinois, the University of Massachusetts and Wake Forest University.

In the other test, also administered by the testing service, Weber students' average scores in accounting, economics, management, quantitative business analysis, finance and marketing were 2 to 13 percentage points above national norms.

Handley said the scores reflect favorably on Weber's school of business and economics.

"They prove to us that we're doing what we hope to be doing, that we really do have an excellent system of delivery," he said

He said the scores should also improve what has traditionally been a lowly local reputation for the school that used to be nicknamed "Harrison High."

A 1967 Weber graduate, Handley said some people still remember when it was a junior college before 1963 and how high school kids used to go there only if they couldn't go to a "real college."

"Some people still remember that and don't realize how far we've come," he said.