The Hells Canyon-area towns of Cuprum and Bear are the lucky winners of a reconditioned 1950 American La France fire truck.

The drawing was organized by a state firefighters union and the Idaho Firefighters magazine, and about a dozen businesses and volunteers donated their time to refurbish the truck.Cuprum and Bear are near the Oregon-Idaho border about 35 miles northwest of Council.

"It is unbelievable the number of communities in our state that do not have fire protection of any kind," said Doug Keene, public relations director for the magazine based in Boise.

The giveaway was also to help promote the Burnout Fund, which goes to families who have lost their homes due to fire. It helps fire victims with food, rent, clothing and other necessities.

A Bear resident said she appreciated the engine.

"Thank you very much. It will be nice to have an engine in case a fire breaks out here," said rancher Alice Stanley. "They can park it here at my ranch and get water out of the creek if they need to."

Boise Fire Capt. Richard Randolph, a representative of Professional Firefighters of Idaho, said the truck that once belonged to Boise was contributed by the Donnelly Fire Department.

Communities without a working piece of equipment but with trained personnel qualified to enter the drawing, Randolph said.

Keene said the truck runs well and pumps 750 gallons of water a min-ute. He said a similar truck brand-new would cost about $100,000.