Honda will install air bags in all its 1994 cars, joining a growing list of automakers that plan to offer the safety devices as standard equipment.

Nobuhiko Kawamoto, president and chief executive officer of Honda Motor Co., said Monday that air bags for drivers and front-seat passengers will replace automatic seat belts.Chrysler Corp. equips all its U.S.-made cars with driver-side air bags, but cars it receives from other companies, notably Mitsubishi Motors Corp., lack the devices.

General Motors Corp. said it will expand use of driver and passenger side air bags to all of its domestically designed cars for the 1996 model year.

Ford Motor Co. said by the mid-1990s it will equip all of its cars with driver- and passenger-side air bags.

Under federal law, all cars made in the United States after Sept. 1 must have either an air bag or automatic seat belt for drivers and front-seat passengers.

Kawamoto, on his first U.S. tour as head of Honda, would not predict how many Honda and Acura cars the company will sell in the United States by the time air bags became standard equipment.

Through the first eight months of this year, Honda sold 593,508 cars, up 11.2 percent from the same time last year.