The Workers' Compensation Advisory Council has some new members and - along with several holdovers - will advise the State Industrial Commission during the next 12 months on workers' compensation issues.

Commission Chairman Stephen M. Hadley, who announced the appointment of new members, said the group will meet monthly unless more meetings are needed to consider changes in the law that should be presented to the Legislature's interim committees.Serving as at-large members are Dr. Boyd G. Holbrook, a retired orthopedic physician; Alan P. Heal, a rehabilitation counselor for Heal & Co.; Ray Jay Davis, professor of law at Brigham Young University; Scott Jacobson, contracts manager at Intermountain Health Care.

Others are Kent Berg, Utah Office of Rehabilitation; Robert N. White, 238 E. Shelley Louise Drive, Sandy; and Jean Melton, P.O. Box 9493, Salt Lake City.

Representing employees will be Eddie P. Mayne, president of the Utah AFL-CIO; Jinks Dabney, an attorney who represents injured workers before the commission; Patrick J. O'Connor, president, Utah Injured Workers' Association of Utah; and Roger Sandack, an attorney.

Also, Shirley Arnett, North Salt Lake; Steve Richins, Utah Building and Construction Trades Council, and Mark Smith, outreach coordinator, Utah Independent Living Center.

Representing employers will be Larry D. Bunkall, Utah Manufacturers Association president; James M. Elegante, an attorney; Lawrence Mills, an attorney; and Margaret R. Crane, executive vice president of the Home Builders Association of Utah.

Others are L. Craig Miller, Kennecott; Gary Olsen, claims manager of Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.; and Blaine C. Palmer, chief executive officer of the Workers' Compensation Fund of Utah.