Irrigation water in Davis and Weber counties won't be shut off early this year, but irrigation district officials are asking homeowners to stop watering their lawns and gardens.

Ivan Flint, Weber Basin Irrigation District chairman, said the district considered shutting off water Oct. 1 instead of on the traditional Oct. 15 because of the drought.But farmers expressed concern the early shut-off could harm late agricultural crops, Flint said, so the district decided to stay with the Oct. 15 shut-off.

But Flint is asking homeowners to stop watering lawns and gardens as a further conservation measure.

"We won't shut it off early, providing our customers continue to conserve water," Flint said. The district earlier this summer imposed a "waterless Wednesday" restriction, asking homeowners not to water lawns on Wednesdays.

"We're leaving the water on, because some farmers expressed the fear they could suffer crop damage. But we're asking people to discontinue irrigating their residential lawns and gardens," said Flint.

The district has shut water off early in the past and found it did very little damage to lawns, he said. Some grass burned in the late fall but recovered the next spring, Flint said.

"The weather's cooled off some, and unless we get a hot spell again, people could quit watering anyway," the water district manager said.