A 66-year-old Layton man will spend 60 days in the Davis County Jail as part of his sentence for sexually abusing two young girls. Chancy Russell was sentenced Tuesday by 2nd District Judge Douglas L Cornaby, who said he came close to sending the man to prison.

Russell pleaded guilty to two counts of child sexual abuse, both second-degree felonies, in a plea negotiation. He was originally charged with two counts of aggravated sexual abuse, first-degree felonies that carry prison terms of five years to life and minimum mandatory terms of three, six or nine years.He pleaded guilty to abusing two young girls, a 10-year-old in 1989 and a second girl between 1984 and 1988, starting when she was 8 years old.

Cornaby sentenced Russell to one to 15 years in prison on each charge and fined him a total of $1,000. He followed an Adult Probation and Parole presentence report recommendation and stayed the prison term, ordering Russell to serve 60 days in jail instead.

The judge put him on three years probation, ordered him to undergo counseling in a sexual offenders program and stay away from young children unless another adult is present.

Russell told the judge the two charges have been devastating, ruining his business and tearing apart his family. He has been a good citizen all of his life, except for these offenses, Russell told the judge.

Cornaby told Russell that he usually sends a longtime sexual abuser to prison, but because of Russell's age and health problems, opted to put him in jail for two months instead and ordered him to undergo intensive, long-term therapy.