Judge Charles Blouch of the Eureka Precinct Justice Court wants help from the county in making the 100-year-old county-owned Eureka Courthouse ready for its birthday party in 1991.

Blouch said he had asked the commission last spring about getting electrical work done on the inside of the building. He also wanted stucco repaired on the building's exterior."Here it is fall," said Blouch, and the promised work has not been done. Bob Day, Juab County Center custodian, and Randy Freston, Juab County engineer, had both been too busy all summer to do the work, he told the commissioners.

Commissioner Richard Brough said he had talked with Day and would like the support of the County Commission.

Blouch said he had done some preliminary pricing and thought the work would cost approximately $350.

County employees could do the stucco and electrical work, said Freston. The materials might cost approximately $500, but the total bill could be as high as $1,500 to $2,000 and still not include complete repair of the stucco, he said.

County commissioners directed Day to determine what work needs to be done and the approximate cost.