Subway gunman Bernhard Goetz, contradicting the defense that got him acquitted in 1987, conceded he stuck his gun in a wounded teenager's ribs and shot him, telling the victim: "You don't look too bad, here's another."

Goetz, in a deposition released Wednesday, also undercut defense attorney Barry Slotnick's assertion at trial that the gunman never hesitated between shots when he opened fire on four young men in a subway car in 1984.Goetz, who is white, also acknowledged making racist comments before the day he shot the black teen-agers.

The deposition is part of a $50 million lawsuit filed against Goetz by one of his victims, Darrell Cabey, 22.

"I hope the jurors in that trial wake up screaming in the night when they read this," said attorney William Kunstler, who questioned Goetz for Cabey.

Cabey was left paralyzed and brain damaged by Goetz. The three other youths recovered and were later arrested on various criminal charges. Goetz asserts he fired because the four were about to mug him.

Goetz, 42, was acquitted of attempted murder, assault and other charges. He served 81/2 months in jail for a weapons offense.

He never testified at his trial.