Vivian Ford of Nephi is willing to spearhead efforts to make Nephi's swimming pool a year-round facility.

She won approval from Nephi City to direct a committee to investigate the the possibility of making the pool a year-round addition to community recreation.Ford also wants the council to put the proj-ect to a community vote.

Vard White, a member of the city recrea-tion committee, was asked by the city council to work with the group. Randy McKight, city adiminstrator, will provide the group with figures from a previous study.

Kathy Barnes, Eunice Broadhead, Elanie Sensibaugh and Kathy Dinkle all volunteered to be members of the committee.

Ford said a year-round pool would be a great benefit to the community because it offers recreation for all age groups. It would give young people a wholesome alternative to their present activities, she said.

Ford said older residents of the community enjoy swimming as well. Dressing rooms would have to be heated, the pool covered or enclosed, and maintanence would have to be provided.

The city has previously looked into the feasibilty of covering the pool with a balloon-type covering. At that time they found a bubble would cost approximately $15,000. Heating costs and financial losses in the summer swimming program had discouraged the council. Coming up with funds to increase salaries for pool personnel is also a problem.

However, Ford said, the pool might be able to use adult volunteers as lifequards and might be able to sell memberships.

The council requested some comparision studies and an itemized list of expenses.