A judge rejected a plea by Marlon Brando's son to reduce the charges against him from murder to manslaughter, ruling a jury must decide if the shooting of his half-sister's boyfriend was premeditated.

Despite the setback Wednesday, Christian Brando, who has maintained the shooting was accidental, appeared confident he would prevail, saying, "I just want to prove my innocence."His father, however, who has railed against what he perceives as a misguided prosecution, showed the strains of his son's ordeal, weeping outside court Wednesday as he spoke about his new grandson, the child of the man allegedly murdered this spring by Christian.

But Marlon Brando first lashed out against the district attorney's office for its ongoing attempts to bring his daughter Cheyenne, 20, back to the United States from Tahiti to testify in her half brother's upcoming trial.

Cheyenne, who was pregnant at the time of the slaying, flew back to Tahiti, apparently to avoid testifying against Christian.