Personal bankruptcy filings nationwide for the 12 months ended June 30 were up 14 percent to 660,000 over the same period a year earlier, but the district that includes Utah is well below the average, according to figures released this week by the American Financial Services Association (AFSA).

The AFSA said big gains in filings continued in the first circuit (Maine, Massachissetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Puerto Rico) up 55 percent; the second circuit (Connecticut, New York and Vermont) up 34 percent; the 11th circuit (Alabama, Florida and Georgia) up 26 percent; and the third circuit (Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia) up 26 percent.Circuits that reported a slowdown in filings during the 12-month period include the 10th circuit (Utah, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Wyoming) which slowed from a 10 percent increase last year to only 5 percent in the latest fiscal year ended June 30; and the 5th circuit (Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Texas) slowing from a 6 percent gain to a 5 percent gain.

According to AFSA, the District of Columbia was the only district that reported a decrease in the number of personal bankruptcy filings, dropping 10 percent over last June 30 figures.

The 9th circuit (Arkansas, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Nevada, Washington and Guam) continues to show the largest number of filings, totalling 149,619 filings during the year.