The Utah State University Alumni Association has named Wm. James Mortimer, president and publisher of the Deseret News, as its Salt Lake City representative. He and the other representatives will serve on the USU Alumni Council.

Catherine Brown Montgomery, a middle school teacher and district facilitator for the Ogden City gifted and talented programs, was selected to represent the Ogden area. Representing Utah County will be Alan L. Croshaw, a State Farm insurance agent in Springville.John R. Simmons, head of the department of biology at USU, will represent the campus alumni community, and Richard D. Westerberg, vice president and Rocky Mountain manager for Utah Power & Light, has been named to represent southeastern Idaho.

New chapter leaders selected are Carlene Pace Herring, a high school counselor who will lead the Idaho Falls chapter; Karine Eliason, co-author of four cookbooks, leading the Phoenix chapter; Lissa Walt Miller, quarter-horse breeder and civic worker from Napa Valley, Calif., who will lead the northern California alumni chapter; and Laurie Snow Turner, director of communications for Utah Sen. Jake Garn, leading the Washington, D.C., chapter.

The presidents of two affiliated groups will also become members of the Alumni Council. They are Leah and Chris Christensen, presidents of the USU Emeriti Association, and Gaylon Douglas, office manager of First Interstate Bank and president of the USU Young Alumni Association.