Winners have been announced in various contests and categories of the Utah State Fair held earlier this month:

Scarecrow-making contest - Sept. 15Most like a scarecrow: First, Jared Weston Syracuse; second, Chris Hoglund , Salt Lake City

Youngest scarecrow contestants: First, Lindsay Gates West Valley City; second, Jackie Holle Salt Lake City

Scariest scarecrow: First, Austin Rowley Orem; second, Amanda White Lehi

Funniest scarecrow: First, Amanda White Salt Lake City; second, Charles Hancock, Salt Lake City

Most creative: First, Jake Dahl , West Valley City; second, Chris Haglund , Salt Lake City

Longest scarecrow: Mike Avalon , Murray

Shortest scarecrow: John Hancock Salt Lake City

Most original: First Sadie Bachman , Clearfield; second, Jamie Dahl , West Valley City

Vegetable and doll contest - Sept. 14

Adult: First, Robin Steed, Salt Lake City, $35 gift certificate; second, Helen Darton, Salt Lake City, $20 gift certificate.

Child over 12: First, Jared Eggleston, Fairview, $35 gift certificate; second, Troy Openshaw, West Valley City, $20 gift certificate.

Child under 12: First, Elizabeth Eno, Salt Lake City, $35 gift certificate; second, Andrea James, Salt Lake City, $20 gift certificate.

The three remaining contestants who did not place first or second received Dominos coupons for a free large pizza. All gift certificates were awarded by Wasatch Shadows Nursery. All contestants were awarded Golden Spoon coupons and a free dinner at Frontier Pies.

Sheep results

Columbia: Norman Olsen, Spanish Fork, champion ram; Don Woolstenhulme, Coalville, champion ewe; Tracy Anderson, Fielding, reserve champion ram and reserve champion ewe.

Suffolk: Russell Sheep, Benjamin, champion ram and reserve champion ewe; Wrathasuffolk, Tooele, champion ewe, Utah State University, Logan, reserve champion ram.

Hampshire: Millie Judd, Coalville, champion ram; Candice Judd, Coalville, champion ewe; Lana Judd, Coalville, reserve champion ram and reserve champion ewe.

Dorsett sheep: Korncrest Farms, Pleasant Hill, Ore., champion ram, reserve champion ram and reserve champion ewe; Sue Garlick, Park City, reserve champion ram.

Other recognized breeds: Millie Judd, Coalville, champion ram; Candice Judd, Coalville, champion ewe; Lana Judd, Coalville, reserve champion ram and reserve champion ewe.

Barn prize: James Wrathall, Tooele.

Best sheep exhibit: Valley River Ranch, Pleasant Hill, Ore.

Holstein dairy cattle results

Pappys Farm and Mike and Debbie Schugg, Ogden: Junior champion female and senior and grand champion female; B-Bar Dairy, Elberta: Reserve junior champion female and reserve senior and reserve grand champion female.

Premier breeder and premier exhibitor: Pappys Farm, Ogden.

Open swine winners

Duroc: Jon Arnold, Lehi, grand and reserve champ barrows.

Hampshire: Roy Arnold, Bicknell, grand champion barrow and reserve champion gilt; Lu Arnold, Lehi, reserve champion barrow; Haven Hendricks, Providence.

Spot: Joshua Arnold, Bicknell, grand champion barrow; Cindy Davis, reserve champion barrow; Haven Hendricks, Providence, grand champion gilt and reserve champion gilt.

Landrace: Jon Arnold, Lehi, grand champion and reserve champion burrow; Haven Hendricks, Providence, grand and reserve champion gilt.

Yorkshire: Cindy Davis, grand champion barrow; Lu Arnold, Lehi, reserve champion barrow.

Crossbred: Jerry Lee Shepherd, Spanish Fork, grand and reserve champion barrows and gilts.

Overall: Jerry Lee Shepherd, Spanish Fork, grand and reserve barrows and gilts.

Beef cattle winners

Limosine: Broken Arrow, Idaho Falls, champion female, reserve female, champion bull, reserve bull.

Simmental: Somervill, Monticello, champ female; Williams Simmentals, Cedar City, reserve female; Salmon Valley, Salmon, Idaho, champ bull; Clawson Simmental, Sugar City, Idaho, reserve bull.

Salers: Rocking O' Ranch, Provo, champ and reserve female; Cornwall, Riverside, reserve champ bull; Platt Bros., Kanosh, grand champ bull.

Shorthorn: J & H Land, Quincy, Calif., champ female and reserve female; Gemstone, Hazelton, Idaho, champ bull; U-Bar-U, Quincy, Calif., reserve bull.

Best of Show - Creative Arts

Woodwork: Farrel Roundy, Sandy, professional; Lawrence Thomas, Lehi, and C Clair Lott, Farr West, advance; Albert Heggen, West Valley City, and John Ward, Brigham City, amateur.

Leatherwork: Douglas T. Nelson, Layton, professional; Kerry Morley, West Jordan, amateur.

Dolls: Eileen McDonald, Ogden, professional; Jeannine Hancock, Salt Lake City, advance; Jolene Wood, Ogden, amateur.

Ceramics: Roma Brown, Riverdale, professional; Margaret Wardle, Brigham City, advance; Cheryll L. Killian, Murray, amateur.

Decorative painting: Inga Reese, Salt Lake City, professional; Tammy Braithwaite, Manti, advance; Susan Steinfeldt-Roth, Salt Lake City, amateur.

Miscellaneous: Cindy Sorley, Layton, and Valynn Huntsman, Price, amateurs.

Metal: Wendell Smith, Farmington, professional; Don Collins, West Valley City, advance; Ray Fisher, Ogden, amateur.

Senior citizen: Ray Christensen, Salt Lake City.

Handicapped: Gay Cleverly, Draper.

Junior: Arlee Ann Dastrup, Fillmore.

Special group display: Johannas Nursing Home, Salt Lake City.

Grand prize: C. Clair Lott, Far West.

Best exhibit: Fred Roe, Bountiful.

Second rabbit show

Best in show: Susan Craythorn, Californian.

Californian: Susan Craythorn, best; Neil Craythorn, best opposite.

French Angora: Rochelle Majors, best; Armyne Dix, best opposite.

Rex: Tom James, best and best opposite.

Champagne D'Argent: Troy Horton, best and best opposite.

Dutch: Brienne Leonard, best; Lon Leonard, best opposite.

English Angora: Steve Anderson, best and best opposite.

Flemish Giant: Calvin Harding, best and best opposite.

Holland Lop: Allan Ormond family, best; Bob Locy family, best opposite.

French Lop: Don Anderton, best and best opposite.

Giant Angora: Armyne Dix, best; Rochelle Majors, best opposite.

Jersey Wooly: Rochelle Majors, best.

Netherland Dwarf: Bill and Mary Brockbrader, best and best opposite.

Palamino: Ryan Dix, best; Armyne Dix, best opposite.

Satins: Chad Broadhead, best and best opposite.

First rabbit show winners

Best in show: Don Anderton, Mini Lop.

Tan: Brandon Greenland, best and best opposite.

New Zealand: Bill Wulf, best; Gerald Horton, best opposite.

Mini Rex: Dan Jensen, best and best opposite.

Mini Lop: Don Anderton, best and best opposite.

Havana: Matt Mayer, best; Tanya Dix, best opposite.

Florida White: Branden Greenland, best and best opposite.

Dwarf Hotot: Bill and Mary Brockbrader, best; Doug and Gusti Williams, best opposite.

American Fuzzy Lop: Tamara Beard, best; Rosalie Beard, best opposite.

Normal White Fur: Gerald A. Horton, Jr.

Normal Colored Fur: Branden Greenland.

Best Breed Display: Don Anderton.

Pet show

Brienne Leonard, best pet and first runner-up; Debbie and Moriah Steinmetz, second runner-up.

4-H Show

Best in show: Bill Wulf.

Trophy winners: Branden Greenland, Havana; McAdam Majors, Holland Lop; Julie Dix, French Angora; Elizabeth Bolinder, Rex; Ian Locy, Netherland Dwarf (all best of breeds).

Rosettes: Branden Greenland, Havana, New Zealand and Florida White; Matt Mayer, Holland Lop; Tanya Dix, French Angora; Tina Sweat, Rex; Ian Locy, Netherland Dwarf; Michelle Locy, Mini Lop; Brienne Leonard, Dutch; Bill Wulf, Satin (all best opposites); Bill Wulf, Mini Lop and Satin; Tina Sweat, New Zealand; Branden Greenland, Dutch and Florida White (all best of breeds).

Outstanding herdsman: Ian Locy.