Since Iraq invaded and occupied Kuwait on Aug. 2, the Security Council has passed eight resolutions condemning Baghdad and ordering action intended to force the Iraquis into withdrawing.


660 Aug. 3 14-0 Yemen abstains Condemns the invasion and demands the immediate and unconditional withdrawl of Iraqui troops.

661 Aug. 6 13-0 Cuba and Yemen abstains

Orders an embargo on trade with Iraq and occupied Kuwait

662 Aug. 9 15-0

Declares Iraq's annexation of Kuwait null and void under international law.

664 Aug. 18 15-0

Demands that Iraq free all detained foreigners

665 Aug. 25 13-0 Cuba and Yemen abstain.

Gives the United States and other naval powers the right to enforce the economic embargo by halting shipping to those countries.

666 Sept. 13 13-2 Cuba and Yemen oppose

Allows humanitarian food aid into Iraq or Kuwait only "to relieve human suffering"; only the council can decide when those circumstances exist.

667 Sept. 16 15-0

Condemns Iraq's aggressive acts against diplomatic missions in Kuwait, including the abduction of foreigners who were in the buildings.

669 Sept. 24 15-0

Stresses that only its Sanctions Committee has the power to permit food, medicine or other humanitarian aid to be sent into Iraq or occupied Kuwait.

670 Sept. 25 14-1 Cuba opposes

Expands its economic embargo to include air traffic in or out of Iraq and Kuwait, except for cargoes of humanitarian aid specifically authorized by its Sanctions Committee. Also calls on U.N. member nations to detain any Iraqi ships that may be used to break the naval embargo.