A 16-year-old Salt Lake boy with gang affiliations was arrested early Sunday after allegedly shooting at a car in full view of a police officer who had blocked traffic to stop a fight.

The youth, whose name will not be released because of his age, started a fight with an 18-year-old Salt Lake man at a party near 400 N. 600 West, police reported.The 18-year-old went outside, where he was set upon by several assailants including the 16-year-old, who punched the man in the face. The victim's friends came to his aid, and a fight lasting several minutes broke out in the street, a police report states.

The fight broke up, but police had been called. As the 18-year-old and his friends got in their cars to leave, the 16-year-old allegedly leaned into a parked car, picked up a handgun and pointed it at the car the 18-year-old and his friends were in.

At the same time, a police officer arrived and turned to block the path of the 18-year-old's car, which stopped directly in front of the police car. Through his open car door, the officer saw the 16-year-old raise his gun and fire one shot at the 18-year-old's car. The report states that the youth then turned and ran, tossing the gun onto the front yard of a home on 600 West.

The responding officer and two backup officers arrested the youth at gunpoint. A gang unit officer verified the suspect's gang affiliation, the report states.