A former board member of the failed Silverado savings and loan association who refused to testify at Neil Bush's conflict-of-interest hearing has changed his mind and will testify Thursday, officials said Wednesday.

Florian Barth was to have been the third witness at the Office of Thrift Supervision hearing that opened Tuesday, but he refused to appear.Wednesday, government counsel Stephen Hershkowitz told Administrative Law Judge Daniel J. Davidson that Barth had decided to testify and would appear before the hearing Thursday morning. Davidson on Tuesday had said he would sign a subpoena to force Barth's appearance if he did not appear voluntarily.

Tuesday's hearing was highlighted by former Silverado Chairman Michael Wise invoking the Fifth Amendment 14 times.

Another Silverado executive, meanwhile, testified the thrift's board of directors knew of Bush's business relationship with Kenneth Good when it granted Good a no-collateral, $900,000 line of credit.

The testimony came Tuesday during the hearing on whether to bar Bush from the financial industry for actions as a Silverado director.