Nephi City is close to making a decision on a proposed natural gas pipeline, and the director of the program has called for a council of governments meeting to discuss plans.

Golden Mangelson, director, and Randy McKnight, city administrator, requested the meeting to discuss whether Levan and Mona should be involved in the planning or whether they want to be.The meeting will be held following a County Commission meeting on Oct. 1 at 7 p.m. in commission chambers, agreed county commissioners.

"We are very, very close to having enough people (in Nephi signed up for the utility) to make a gas line feasible," said Mangelson.

However, the Indianola route, according to engineers of the project, would appear to be the best route to deliver gas to Nephi, he said.

Using the Indianola route makes it more difficult to bring gas to Mona than it would if the Santaquin route were selected.

"It would be a shame to bring it (natural gas fuel) in and not be able to serve others in the area," said Mangelson.

If Levan and Mona are interested in participating, then a larger size pipe would be used.

As it is now, unless there is some kind of cooperative agreement, it may even be difficult to provide the service to those living near Nephi but outside city limits, said Mangelson.

Mayors and city councilmen from Nephi, Levan and Mona will be invited to the council of governments meeting. Eureka is too far away to participate in the proposed gas line.

City officials would like to have Millard County join in the project. "We are still working with Millard County," said Mangelson. If they were to participate, the size of the pipeline would need to be upgraded.