After a summer of resignations, withdrawals and turmoil, the Utah County Republican Party named a new vice chairman and other committee members Tuesday evening.

Lewis Billings, formerly the volunteers chairman, was elected by the party's Central Committee as county vice chairman. Other officers are Rae Howard as secretary, Marlo Jensen as finance chairman and Michael Thompson as volunteers chairman.Former vice chairwoman Monteen Gordon, who assumed the chairmanship following the resignation of Wayne Watson earlier this month, called for party unity and accountability. Watson has pleaded no contest to a charge of drinking while driving.

"It's time for this county to become responsible," Gordon said. "It's time for people to become accountable if they stay away from the polls."

Gordon asked that the county Republicans take the admonition of President George Bush and become a kinder, gentler county.

"You know the difference between telling and tattling," she said. "Let's have no more of it, you're above it. It's time to move on and remember what we stand for."