The board of directors of the University of Utah Alumni Association has voted unanimously to oppose removing the sales tax on food.

Board members said they voted to oppose Initiative A on the November general election ballot because higher education in Utah would lose approximately $30 million in tax revenue.A resolution passed by the board says such a loss of revenue would cause serious funding problems for students, faculty, staff and research at the university, to the detriment of the state and its people.

The university has been under severe economic pressure recently and this is not the time to create more economic problems, said G. Donald Gale, alumni board president.

The resolution urges the university's 100,000 alumni in Utah to vote against Initiative A and to inform their friends of the damage the initiative would cause higher education in Utah.

"If people are really concerned with helping families in need, there are much better ways of doing it than an across-the-board tax cut," Gale said.