Three of southern Utah's eight watersheds are expected to end the official water year Sept. 30 with the year's total moisture at less than 70 percent of average while four watersheds have recorded only slightly above 70 percent.

Recording the highest percent of any watershed is the Green River with 81 percent.Only one station in all of southern Utah has reached average. Little Grassy on the Virgin River is 100 percent with total precipitation for the year of 20.1 inches.

The Dirty Devil and Escalante River watersheds each recorded 63 percent while southeastern Utah logged 66 percent. Two watersheds, on the Sevier and Beaver rivers, are at 71 percent, the Price-San Rafael is 73 percent and the Virgin River 74 percent.

Reporting the lowest precipitation on the Dirty Devil River watershed is Donkey Reservoir with only 53 percent of average. The highest, Dill's Camp, is only 69 percent. Donkey Reservoir drains into both the Dirty Devil and Escalante rivers.

Widstoe #3 reported the highest precipitation on the Escalante with 65 percent of average. Southeastern Utah's high and low were LaSal Mountain with 77 percent and Camp Jackson with 58.

The Sevier River has 13 stations, the most of any watershed. They range from 63 to 74 percent of average except one, the Gooseberry Ranger Station, recording 85 percent.

In contrast, the Beaver River has only two stations. Big Flat recorded 70 percent of average and Merchant Valley, 73. Buck Flat was the highest on the Price-San Rafael watershed with 83 percent and White River #1 the lowest at 69 percent.

With the exception of the single station that reached average, others on the Virgin River Watershed ranged from 59 to 74 percent.