Citing the need for compassion toward AIDS victims, Gov. Norm Bangerter has declared October "AIDS Awareness Month" in Utah.

"I am pleased to note a number of voluntary organizations involved who are assisting with this significant public health problem," the governor said after signing the declaration."While we still have considerable needs, the efforts of the public and private sector have contributed greatly to expanding services for individuals with AIDS," he said.

The declaration encourages Utahns to join the governor "in this effort to control the spread of this devastating disease by learning the facts, taking appropriate action to prevent transmission of the AIDS virus and showing compassion toward persons living with AIDS and persons affected by this disease in our communities."

More than 143,000 cases of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome have been reported nationwide and health experts predict that number will increase to 400,000 by 1994. Some 317 cases of the disease have been reported in Utah.