Ty Detmer solidified his hold as the frontrunner in the Scripps Howard Heisman Trophy poll.

Detmer last week threw for 514 yards in BYU's 62-34 rout of San Diego State. Virginia quarterback Shawn Moore, who completed 11 of 17 passes for 181 yards and three touchdowns in Virginia's 59-0 victory over Duke, remained in second place.After not receiving a vote in any previous poll, Michigan running back Jon Vaughn moved into third place after rushing for 288 yards. It was his second straight 200-yard game.

Notre Dame's Raghib Ismail is fourth after catching passes for 71 yards and rushing for 26 Saturday. Colorado's Eric Bienemy rounds out the top five.

Taking the biggest drop was USC quarterback Todd Marinovich. Marinovich was third in last week's poll, but received only three votes after USC lost 31-0 to Washington Saturday.



Heisman Poll

First-place votes in parenthesis

Player School Pts.

Ty Detmer BYU(10) 50

Shawn Moore Virginia 32

Jon Vaughn Michigan 24

Raghib Ismail Notre Dame 11

Eric Bieniemy Colorado 8

OTHERS: David Klingler, Houston, 5; Mike Mayweather, Army, 5; Craig Erickson, Miami, Fla., 4; Todd Marinovich, Southern Cal, 3; Darian Hagan, Colorado 2; Darren Lewis, Texas A&M, 2; Rick Mirer, Notre Dame, 2; Howard Griffith, Illinois, 1; Chuck Weatherspoon, Houston, 1.