George Foreman is becoming a statistician's dream.

At age 42 he is chasing a world heavyweight boxing title he held 17 years ago. He has a fight record that shows 69 victories in 71 contests.And, at anywhere between 259 and 265 pounds, he could wind up as the oldest, heaviest and busiest world champion there has ever been.

To add global warfare to his list of accomplishments, Foreman flew 3,000 miles from his Houston home to knock out another American, Terry Anderson, in three minutes Tuesday.

Now he flies home to renew negotiations with the two fighters who will battle for the world title next month: James "Buster" Douglas, the champion, and Evander Holyfield.

"Be realistic - I'm back," Foreman said after his quick victory at the London Arena stretched his three-year comeback streak to 24 victories. "I'm not going away. I'm not going to leave until I am the heavyweight champion of the world again."

Foreman refuses to be just a reference in boxing history books.

"There's a lot of credit that can be given to youth and enthusiasm. But with them comes foolishness," Foreman said. "Age and craftsmanship is not to be played down. I have got more tricks up my sleeve than an alligator has teeth."

To help him regain the title, he has enlisted a former world champion who is 35 years older than he is.

At age 77, Archie Moore, who held the light-heavyweight crown for a decade before a less successful tenure as a heavyweight, is teaching Foreman the art of defense.

"Mr. Moore has drilled the defense," Foreman said. "And if he can keep it up, I could be one of the greatest fighters of all time.

"I have a powerful punch. In fact, it's magical because people just seem to run right into it."

Foreman demolished Anderson, from Tampa, Fla., with a short downward right hand that followed a left jab. It was only the second heavy punch Foreman threw in the fight.

The first broke through Anderson's defense but got deflected onto his chest.

The rest of the round was Anderson throwing body punches at Foreman and the former champion waiting for his chance to throw one of his cannonballs.

"I thought it would go a couple of rounds. But as I jabbed him he walked straight into my right hand," Foreman said. "It was one of the strongest punches I have ever thrown."