The Board of Governors of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce went on record Tuesday opposing a statewide ballot proposal to remove sales tax from food.

The board voted unanimously to oppose the measure, which opponents say would result in the loss of about $113 million revenue to state, local, transit and Sports Authority coffers each year.Patricia Simmons, director of the the chamber's Government Affairs Council, said a survey of the organization's members indicated 79.6 percent opposed the initiative and 20.4 percent favored the proposal.

About one-third of the chamber's membership responded to survey, Simmons said. It was conducted in August and more than half of the respondents were owners of small businesses.

Board member Dale O. Zabriskie lauded the poll, saying it was indicative of broad-based sentiment in the business community.

"We're on solid ground with this motion," Zabriskie said.