Alta View Hospital-

ANDERSON, Brent and Hollie, Sandy, boy.

ANDERSON, Jason and Leslie, Bluffdale, boy.

CAMPBELL, Ronald and Kathy, Sandy, boy.

CROCKETT, Barbara, Salt Lake City, girl.

EVANS, Jeffrey and Ashlie, Draper, boy.

FAIRCLOUGH, Chris and Camille, Sandy, girl.

KEEL, Christine, Salt Lake City, boy.

KELLER, Chad and Tonya, Sandy, girl.

MORTON, James and Jean, Salt Lake City, girl.

MURPHY, Chad and Natalie, Riverton, boy.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BENNETT, Brad and Melodee, West Valley City, twin girls.

AIRAM, Julius and Helen, Salt Lake City, girl.

ANDERSON, Camron and Lesa, Kaysville, boy.

COLLEDGE, Clark and Shauna, Magna, girl.

DAVIS, David and Darla, Salt Lake City, girl.

DRISCOLL, Robert and Christine, Salt Lake City, boy.

FAUST, Robert and Barbara, Bountiful, girl.

FRAME, Dale and Vicki, West Jordan, boy.

FREEMAN, Charles and Janet, Salt Lake City, girl.

HILLMAN, Martin and Julie, Orem, boy.

JONES, Larry and Tracy Deanne, Salt Lake City, boy.

JU, Jerry and Rockzann, Draper, boy.

KEHL, Kevin and Kimberly, Sandy, girl.

LAVEDER, Natalie and John VERBURG, Salt Lake City, boy.

LEIVAFUENTES, Hector and Theresa, Salt Lake City, girl.

LYMAN, Jack and Milissa, Salt Lake City, boy.

MILES, Stephen and Lori, Sandy, girl.

OWEN, Raymond and Joan, Salt Lake City, boy.

PETERSON, Kerry and Debra, Riverton, girl.

POLLOCK, Kenneth and Vickie, Sandy, boy.

ROW, Lamar and Betty, West Jordan, girl.

SELIN, David and Ida Lynn, West Jordan, girl.

SOLOMON, Edwin and Susan, Salt Lake City, girl.

WILSON, David and Sharon, West Jordan, boy.

WITTENAAR, David and Ger, Salt Lake City, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

COULT, MarJean, girl.

MARCHANT, Randy and Penne, boy.

PENROSE, Robert and Laural, girl.

LDS Hospital-

BARBER, Cory and Deanna, boy.

BODILY, Kim and Heidi, boy.

BRAITWAITE, Eldon and Leslie, girl.

BRIGHTWELL, Todd and Kim, boy.

BRONSON, Kenneth and Tamsin, boy.

CARDON, Christopher and Kimberly, boy.

GRIFFITH, Paul and Carla, girl.

HARDMAN, RanDeanna, boy.

JENKINS, Terry and Jane, boy.

JONES, Christopher and Shari, boy.

KINIHINI, Senituli and Ana, boy.

LUNCEFORD, Troy and Colleen, boy.

SCHAER, Duane and Cindy, girl.

THLIVERIS, Andrew and Lauren, boy.

VEGA, Jeffrey and Shelly, girl.

VELASQUEZ, Ruben and Evangelina, girl.