A four-member delegation from China is visiting Utah to decide whether to buy meat or other agricultural products, officials said Monday.

The delegation, from the Fujian province, brought elaborate gifts to Gov. Norm Bangerter on Monday and said they were impressed by the state's advanced technology and had a desire to form a trade relationship. Utah is the only state the delegation will visit.It was not known how much money the delegation was prepared to spend in Utah or whether they would sign an agreement before leaving the state Monday evening.

Bruce Richeson, director of the state agriculture marketing and promotion division, said the delegation was brought to Utah by Sino America, a group headquartered in New York City.

The delegation invited Utah officials to visit Fujian. Richeson said the invitation may be accepted.

"In my office we're trying to arrange an Oriental trade delegation," he said. "Mainly, it would be an opportunity to see what they have to offer and what we can provide them."