Jordan School District students or employees who are diagnosed as having AIDS or any of its precursor states would be allowed to stay in school until their situations are evaluated, according to a new policy under consideration.

The policy changes were suggested by Earl Stuker, director of student services. Earlier district policy would have required that an individual found to be infected with the HIV virus leave school until a determination was made.Stuker said the proposed change would reflect court cases that have ruled in favor of keeping AIDS patients in the schools unless they pose a danger to others or themselves.

Board member Don Carpenter said the change should be made simply because of growing scientific evidence that AIDS cannot be transmitted by casual contact.

The new policy would require review of any AIDS case by a committee comprised of physicians, school officials and family members. The board will take action on the policy change during their next meeting.

The board also considered a suggestion that a full-time architect be hired to oversee renovations and other projects that require involvement of an architect. If the board chooses to follow the staff recommendation, the architect also would be involved in a survey of district schools to find asbestos and deal with it.

Schools are under a federal mandate to re-survey schools and try to eliminate or encapsulate asbestos to eliminate a health hazard to children.

Clemont Bishop, district administrator of auxiliary services, said the salary paid a full-time architect would probably be less than the amount paid to architects who must be hired for one-time supervision of building projects that exceed $30,000.

A short-term contract would allow the district to re-evaluate the situation periodically, he said. The board took the recommendation under advisement.