Pratt Cole of Salt Lake City has won the third annual Silver State Classic open road race with an average speed of 173 mph over a 93-mile stretch of closed-off highway south of here.

Cole, driving a 1989 Testarossa, was trailed by Joseph Zehr with an average speed of 167 mph and John Lingenfelter with an average speed of 156 mph. Both men, from Indiana, were driving late-model Corvettes.The speed over the course, between the tiny, isolated towns of Lund and Hiko, was held down due to heavy rain just before the start of the race Sunday. The average speed by the 1989 winner, R.J. Gottlieb, was 198 mph.

Spectators weren't allowed along State Route 318, closed off for the race. Seven classes of cars competed, with the fastest going first.

Cars ranged from high-speed models to solar- and battery-powered cars and antiques. There were 84 entrants and 63 finishers.