The state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing has revoked the licenses of two registered nurses accused of passing false and forged prescriptions.

An order issued Sept. 17 said Deborah Allen Youngblood, also known as Deborah K. Allen, obtained 2,370 doses of various drugs on false prescriptions from May 1988 through January 1990.She was arrested in Salt Lake County last March for attempting to pass a forged prescription, the order said. She told authorities she forged prescriptions and obtained drugs from various pharmacies to satisfy her addiction.

According to the order, Youngblood, the wife of a plastic surgeon, last worked as a nurse in June and has since sought treatment for her drug addiction.

An order issued Aug. 28 said Tammy L. Young, also known as Tammy Graham, forged one prescription form a day to support her drug habit. She has been arrested twice for uttering forged prescriptions.

Young had been working at Ashley Valley Medical Center since April and has sought treatment for her drug addiction, the order said.