A 37-year-old cafeteria cook who won a $3.6 million lottery this month died of a heart attack Monday and his sister-in-law blamed his death on the stress of being an instant millionaire.

William Curry of South Boston won the Sept. 8 Megabucks drawing and took a couple of weeks off."He never got to enjoy it," Shirley Bourdon said of her brother-in-law's new wealth. "All he really bought was a Dalmatian puppy for the kids. He couldn't have afforded that before."

Curry returned to his job of 20 years at the Merit Food Co. Monday for the first time since he won and suffered a fatal heart attack, the Boston Herald reported.

Bourdon said Curry had shown signs of stress since winning the jackpot. She said he was besieged by accountants and financial advisers and others seeking money.